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How many days a year does your partner travel? *

How often does your partner travel? *

What parts of your relationship, do you believe, are most affected by frequent business travel? *

What do you like about being in a relationship with a frequent b-traveler? *

What don't you like about being in a relationship with a frequent b-traveler? *

What are the strategies that help you cope with the times apart? *

What do you mostly worry about when you know your partner will be traveling again? *

Is there any particular concern that haunts you? If yes, what is it? *

What are you mostly excited about when you know you have some solo time? (e.g. having more space in your bed, more time with your friends, more time for your creative projects, establishing your routine with your kids) *

What do you normally do together with your partner before the trip/departure? If there are any special things/rituals, what are they? (e.g. a long hug, sitting on a sofa together, bringing your partner to the airport) *

What is your favorite way to connect with your partner during the time of separation? If there's any special ritual or tip to others, what is it? (e.g. time of the day, technology, surprise or planned) *

What is your support system when your partner is away? *

How do you normally feel before your partner returns back home? *

Do you do something special for your partner before he/she returns back home? (e.g. cooking special food, meeting him/her at the airport, decorating or cleaning the house, preparing a surprise with your kids or on your own, nothing special) *

Is there anything special that you’d like your partner to do for you when he/she comes home? If yes, what is it? *

Share a specific story of a typical issue that arises in your relationship around your partner’s travel:

Share a specific story of a moment in your relationship that stands out to you as something you want to repeat, in regards to your partner’s travel:

Can we contact you for a more detailed interview? If yes, what's your name and email?

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